Going from the idea of owning a new home to actually living in it can be faster and easier than you imagined by following these steps:

Step 1. Decide on your budget

Meet with your lending company to pre-qualify for your financing. If you don't have a lender in place you can fill out our Pre-Qualification form and we can help you get financing in place through our preferred lender. Pre-qualifying will help us select and build a home that meets your budget and your requirements.

Step 2. Pick your location

If you do not already own your land, you will want to select a property that will fall within your construction budget.

Step 3. Design your new home

Fairground Home's will assist you in selecting and customizing a home that is right for you. This includes adding any special features to personalize your new home.

Step 4. Finalizing the order.

Once you have finalized the floor plan along with your selected options and features we will prepare the final pricing of your new home.


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